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11 эдриниос - 10 кантлос 844 года
Королевство Дортон переживает очередной кризис: пираты угрожают очередным восстанием, маги в новообразованных общинах требуют свободы, а вольные племена скайгордцев объединяются, создавая опасность с Севера. Положение усугубляется тем, что единственный существующий на свете огнедышащий дракон остался без человеческого контроля и теперь угрожает превратить в пепел все королевство.
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DORTON. Dragon Dawn

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Follow me I will keep you safe

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Little daughter of the West
decides she doesn't want to be a recluse in her father's fine castle...
In the meantime little son
of the East says he will follow her...

Время и местоRich Hill & Surroundings, many years ago

Действующие лицаArianna Richmond & Robbert Bristol



According to old Nan's stories her mother was a Queen. But why wasn't her father King? That was unfair, stupid, made no sense.. Such thoughts kept messing in a little golden head while Ari stared at the window, watching some weird and unknown shadows in the courtyard. Why was I born? - she asked her Nanny a few weeks ago. In fact the girl meant - what for she was sent to this adult and complicated world if she wasn't supposed to affect or clarify the situation. To make it clear for herself at least.
- Give me your dress.
- My lady, may I ask you why?
- Cause mine looks like rats! They won't make me wear this!
Her plan was simple but still risky. It wasn't a big deal to escape her father's guards while everyone was trying to prepare for Beltaine. Especially in those clothes. Ari checked out her new suite and looked quite pleased. Instead of her rich festival dress she had this one, with a stiff collar, that hardly ever could be called a travel costume for a lady. Great! The guests that visited her father's palace won't notice another kitchen girl!
After the real girl was gone, the count's daughter had another great idea. What fun it would be if she could blacken her famous Richmond hair with soot. But there was no soot in her fireplace and she had to leave however.
First of all, it was a bit colder outside than she expected. Secondly, she felt like taking one special thing from a special place before escaping Rich Hill. That thing was a gift and a yearning to hold it again brought Ari to the huge aspen. They used to play here with Robbert, and their swing was still singing a song of the wind.
[NIC]Arianna Richmond[/NIC]



[NIC]Robbert Bristol[/NIC]
Robbert prided nothing except his own brother. He was tall, spunky, and very attractive, judging by the amount of girls, who stared at him like a hungry dog on ripe meat off the bone. Suddenly, his little brother got nothing from him. But he always wanted…
-Why do you prefer riding only on stallions, Tark? -  asked Robbert when his brother rode up to the stable on black horse. It was look like black elephant though. It was delighted and aroused a great fear in Robbert’s heart. He tried to be brave. He had to.
-Because they do things like nobody else has ever done, - said young man landing from the horse with a heavy thud. He smiled to affected Robbert and then turned to riding-master who accompanied him.
- Tark... – quietly said eight-year old boy, - Could I ride him? – he looked on viscount with pleading. Tarquin smirked, but then came serious when he understood that it is not a joke.
- Your pony will miss you, brother, - he answered.
- Please…- begged Robbert and got a short hateful look on his pony’s stall. The pony’s name was Pretty boy, but it was actually the ugliest pony he had ever seen, - I'll do anything you’ll ask.
- Good, - said Tarquin and smiled when his glove touched the horse’s muzzle. Strong Wind sniffed with pleasure, - Unsaddle him and clean, maybe tomorrow  you will, -  he gave to Robbert Wind’s rein and left the stable with master Brandon. Young boy had never felt himself better. But it wasn’t continue very long time…
- I think it is not good idea to permit him ride the stallion, my lord, - Robb overheard master Brandon speech.
- Of course, it is. Nobody will do it! – answered Tark and then voices subsided.
Robb stood alone for thirty seconds and got angry with the whole world! Why did he lie? Why did he so rude with his own brother?
-Young lord, - called a stableman. Robbert turned around and saw he was trying to help with the horse.
-Go away! I can do it on my own! – he answered resentfully and surely added, - I’m not a lord.
The stableman left the stable and made him alone. Robbert brought a stepladder because he couldn’t reach for the saddle without it. The stallion seemed calm and tired. Warm was emitted from his smooth black fur. Robb climbed on the stepladder and touched his back carefully, - What's the glorious horse! What's the worse that can happen?
Robb pressed the saddle carefully and then threw his leg through the stallion's back, saddling him up, - Wow! - said the boy with the rapture when Strong Wind moved on, - Good boy... Good boy.
They left the stable and slowly hid in the twilight. Young Bristol imagined himself as a knight coming to Richmond's castle after the great battle meeting with admired lady of Leyford.
He seized with his dream and forgot to control the stallion which soon decided to went young boy for a speedy ride. Strong Wind darted off as a flash making Robb scared.  But when he tried to stop him the stallion  started to rear up as if in a fright dumping him from the saddle.
Robbert fell backward on the ground and before he closed his eyes he saw another dream. Arianna... She standed beside him…

why Ari fell in love with black stallions




The girl sat down, immersing both of her hands into the solid and odorous earth among the tree roots. She knew that it contained something valuable and treasorous for little Richmond and her friend, the son of earl Bristol, who came on a holiday with his elder brother. For the moment she thought of Robb, an easygoing curly boy of her age, but nearly twice of her growth. In spite of being the native of the East, he weared dark eyebrows and a pale tone of skin after his mother, who was a nothener, as far as Ari knew. The girl was pleased to share games and things with Robbert, and got along with him immediately. Cause being a girl in Rich Hill didn't mean precisely what she liked and appreciated in life. Building a team with Suffolk's thankful second son, Richmond could get much more experience, teachers believed to be acceptable for a future knight rather than for a lady. And now Ari couldn't hide a smile as she imagined, how excited would be Bristol if he knew she was going on a journey..
Suddenly she heard an obscure brattle arising from the ground and jumped of her position. Oh Patron Mother, it couldn't be a chase sent after her! Ari was sure every pesky knave in the castle considered the girl busy with her dresser and didn't have a chance to bother her. It might be some of the father's guards patroling this part of the landing..on horseback?.. The little escapee looked out of her asylum and saw a runaway black horse out of the coming darkness. Whoever was the horseman, he didn't mean to be quite experienced and skilled - she guessed remembering her riding classes. The animal was breathing hard and nervous, and raced ahead at the top of it's potential.
- Ahhh..Beware!
After a few moments of slack struggle the horse grew up as huge and mighty as the mountain and dumped the hapless rider to the ground.
He slipped off, looking lost and tiny as a moth in the valley, compared to his saddle and his horse. The scene was epic and breathtaking, but Ari ran to him like lightning, leaving her fears behind, in the thikets. She didn't get confused until the time she saw who lied in front of her.
- Robbert! Wait! How did you..
Her pending question faced the scilence.
- Oh no, you're a filthy, naughty horse! Why did you do this to him? - the girl cried, falling on her knees beside the wounded.
She took a stick and wanted the horse away, but soon gave up and approached to Robb. She called him, but his eyes were closed and his lips remained still. The little girl wondered if she should check out his heart. After a short hesitation her cheek clang to his chest.
- Come on! You do your job.. - she obviously addressed noone except the boy's heart that she found beating.
- Please, wake up! Robb! You cannot make me go back!..
[NIC]Arianna Richmond[/NIC]


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